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Is there anything I need to do beyond Syncing to my computer? For example... I have files on my iPad like PDFs in CloudReader and stuff on there for my i4e (D&D App) and ComicCollectorz and things like that. Even my save file for Zenonia for example... is all of that stuff backed up with the Sync? Do I have to manually pull files and saves from the iPad? This is my first time ever doing an update that has to "wipe" the iPad, so... I'm not exactly sure what I'm in store for. Any help is appreciated!

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    This is what I recommend. Bottom line - be proactive. Do as much as you can do to insure that all of your content is safe and retrievable if something goes wrong.


    What you should do anytime that you update the device is to transfer purchases from the iPad into iTunes - File>Transfer Purchases - and you should backup the iPad as well. When you update the update the device, if something goes wrong, you can restore from the backup.


    If you have any other important files, you may want to transfer them to your computer as well, prior to the update. If you use file sharing apps, you can transfer the files via file sharing and syncing with iTunes. You can transfer documents using DropBox if You have a DropBox account and the DropBox app.


    If you have photos and videos in the camera roll that you do not want to lose, you can import those to your computer as well.


    Transfer purchases.



    How to backup and restore from a backup



    iOS: About File Sharing

    iOS: Importing personal photos and videos from an iOS device to your computer.