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iMAC Memory: I want to upgrade my iMAC memory to 16GB.  Is this going to provide a big performance improvement?  Or will 8 GB do just as well?

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    It's always better to go with the larger modules when upgrading, that way if later 8GB is not enough you won't have a bunch of left over 2GB modules. If your short of funds at the moment to buy a 4 x 4GB 16GB kit, buy a 2 x 4GB 8GB kit and take it up to 12GB.


    see > Upgrade Apple iMac Memory & more – Easy Guide, Free Installation Videos.

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    totally depends on what types of applications you run. Open "Activity Monitor" select the "System Memory" tab. Look at how many Page Outs you have compared to Page Ins. 0 is perfect and you don't need more memory, less than 10% is acceptable, higher than that get more RAM. 8 GB of RAM should suffice for most users, video processing requires the most, audio processing can also be quite demanding.

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    Without knowing how you use your system it's a little tough to say. I'd recommend reading Activity Monitor to read System Memory and determine how much RAM is being used. If you tend to keep a lot of apps open at the same time and/or run web pages with many many tabs open simultaneously that all uses RAM. In your upgrading to 8GB may be enough but maybe not.....we simply don't know. RAM is inexpensive right now, the difference from 8 to 16GB isn't that much so it just might be worth it.

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    I have an iMAC 2.5 MHz with 4 GB / 21.5 display, late 2011.


    After reading everyone comments and reviewing the information, I am going with 16 GB.  Thanks All......