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Okay, I took a break from iMovie for a year or so.  When I came back, it appears that Mountain Lion hates both of my MiniDv tape camcorders so much that it won't even recognize that they exist (Sony DCR TRV-10 & Panasonic PV-DV200).  Apple tech support suggested that I come in here to see if any of you folks are having luck getting iMovie '11 on Mountain Lion to see your MiniDV camcorders.  Please list any makes & models that will export from MiniDv tape through a Firewire 4-pin to FW800 port on your Mac.  I need to buy a cheap, used camcorder to get all my MiniDv tape into my late 2011 17" MBP...


Thanks !

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    See my post in the following topic (and particularly my posts in the linked thread):





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    John,  thanks for taking so much time to help so many folks in here.  Since I too, have several older external FW400 & 800 HDD enclosures, I will try your daisy chain workaround later tonight.  Thanks again for that one last idea before I go ballistic.


    ~ Jonny Ray


    PS:  Should I bother trashing iMovie's prefs or do you feel it wouldn't work at this point ?

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    Hi Jonny Ray (aka FLAKBAIT),


    There is no harm in trashing the preference file. It may help. Note that for iMovie '11 the preference file is named "com.apple.iMovieApp.plist", but is named differently for earlier versions.


    In another of your topics posted recently, you mentioned that you were trying to connect your camcorders to work with iMovie HD 6.0.3. The preference file for that version is "com.apple.iMovie.plist". For other versions, there is generally a number after "iMovie" (usually representing the version number). To add to the confusion, both iMovie 3 and iMovie 4 share the same preference file, being "com.apple.iMovie3.plist" (there is no iMovie4.plist).


    Hopefully by now you have got things working using one of your FireWire drives, and there may be no need to trash the preference file.


    Thanks for your kind words, and good luck with all this!