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While I am sure I am part of a smaller group than others who purchase on the iTunes store I love the fact that there are some great Opera's there to be downloaded and enjoyed.  What I seem to not understand or am missing is how to get the liner notes that would normally contain the Opera's LIbretto in multiple languages. 


Without this story it is very hard to get a full understanding of what the opera is about - never mind hard to be sure who is singing what parts.


I have seen a number of post from a few years ago asking about liner notes but I did not see a definative answer - and am not sure what the current status is.   Do these notes get downloaded with an album purchase, if so where woudl they go?  Is there a way at the time of purchasing to see whether there is a downloadable version of the liner notes.   Finally, if iTunes does not have this information is there a place I can go to get it and try to add it to the data that is managed with the album.


I hope there are one or two classical fans out there that can point me in the right direction OR tell me to stop looking 'cause it doesn't exist.


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