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I have spent A LOT of money on itunes, both music and TV shows as well as movies. I had a Macbook Pro, Ipad and an older 2009 Imac desktop. Due to plans to write a novel, I decided to withdraw myself for twelve months and keep only my Imac to avoid constant distractions, particularly all my film & tv stuff. I find that if I make so many purchases, LEGITIMATELY, I should - if my computer is authorized - be allowed to download them to any of my computers. I purchased a whole TV series on my Ipad, for instance, yet I cannot download it onto my iMac unless I sync the ipad itself for homesharing. I have sold my ipad. So now what?


I find that absolutely appalling. Itunes is an internet thing, its not about my hardware or system. I make purchases using my apple ID on the internet and having my computer authorized, I should be able to re-download them if I am conntected to the internet and my system is authorized, particularly since I paid quite a bit of money.


Tell me if I am wrong, but if I made a purchase on my iPad or Macbook Pro using the same apple ID, having all the receipts visible in my account, why is it that I cannot re-download them without the actual devices? If that is the case, than iTunes has stolen hundreds of dollars from me and I want my money back.

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