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I upgraded to 6.0.1 today, and now my Wi-Fi doesn't work. It actually works for most things, but it's spotty. Any of the online shooter games that I have (NOVA and ShadowGun: Dead Zone) don't work right. As soon as I load up the online mode, Wi-Fi turns off and cellular replaces it. ShadowGun didn't notify me of this, so I ended up using an entire GB of data! Luckily NOVA told me that I was on cellular.


This REALLY annoys me. I just got through dealing with the first issue, where it counted all internet as data, even if it was Wi-Fi. NOW I've got this osik. It's very consistent, I rebooted, I restarted the apps, and I did this multiple times, but there is no change. As soon as I connect to the server, I've switched to data.


Why is this happening? Is there anything I can do to fix it?


In the meantime... how can I downgrade to 6.0?


I'm so sick of these problems. I really expected more from Apple... =(

iPhone 5, iOS 6
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    I'm sorry, but Apple does not provide a downgrade path for iOS. Because downgrading is unsupported by Apple we cannot discuss it on these forums, but you can use Google to find information on how to install an older version of iOS on any iDevice.

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    First, there is no Apple supported method for downgrading software.


    The support of specific apps in a particular iOS is the responsibility of the app developer. Not sure of those apps support iOS 6.0.1. You would have to check with them.


    What user troubleshooting have you done, in order they are restart, reset, restore from backup, restore as new. Once you have tried all of those options, if it still doesn't work, then you contact Apple for a hardware check.

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    But it doesn't really solve the problem. And I get the feeling it's going to be difficult to do that...