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I upgraded to 6.0.1 today, and now my Wi-Fi doesn't work. It actually works for most things, but it's spotty. Any of the online shooter games that I have (NOVA and ShadowGun: Dead Zone) don't work right. As soon as I load up the online mode, Wi-Fi turns off and cellular replaces it. ShadowGun didn't notify me of this, so I ended up using an entire GB of data! Luckily NOVA told me that I was on cellular.


This REALLY annoys me. I just got through dealing with the first issue, where it counted all internet as data, even if it was Wi-Fi. NOW I've got this osik. It's very consistent, I rebooted, I restarted the apps, and I did this multiple times, but there is no change. As soon as I connect to the server, I've switched to data.


Why is this happening? Is there anything I can do to fix it?


In the meantime... how can I downgrade to 6.0?


I'm so sick of these problems. I really expected more from Apple... =(

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