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Pls have this to pay attention for. If this is a hardware problem, what must be done to repair it? If that's a bug, when shall A.guys have a fix for that.

BTW, may that be a problem actually linked to Bluetooth connectivity in the first turn? Bluetooth connectivity option is constantly "trying to determine it's state" (BT option setting shows "busy" running circle instead of on/off state), and after it finally gets to off state there appears to happen some change to wifi option behavior. Once it had even started back for an hour, but fell back to disabled soon afterwards.

At least both these problems appeared together at the same time.

All possible resets, firmware restores and 6.0.1 did not fix that. Shall I need to jailbreak the OS to fix it?


And btw, the whole situation already ran a lot of people into high spendings for their 2g/3G overwhelming cellular data traffic. Apple to apologize for that at least? Or shall there be iPhone 6 and the problem would remain unfixed and unnoticed?

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.0.1, iPhone purchased in Finland in June