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I cant find any support link to cancel my subscription. When I contact apple support they say icloud is not their business and give me the same links as http://www.apple.com/support/icloud and suggesting me to contact an technical expert..Which is irrevelant to my problem..Then when I try to contact icloud support it takes me to a page tsays call an expert in america.. My country Turkey is not supported..   In my receipt of subscription on my e-mail it says "You may contact Apple for a full refund within 15 days.." but you cant find an any kind of support to do it so!!!!!


Please help


Arif from Turkey

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    You can cancel an iCloud storage upgrade within 15 days of buying:


    Apple have made this as difficult as possible. However two posters have managed to achieve this. Elizellen was able to use Express Lane to get a refund:




    However if you use Express Lane may find you cannot proceed without entering a hardware serial number which is still eligible for AppleCare.  julia22 managed to find a way round that by phoning them - please see this post:




    it gives the USA number - if you don't live there you will have to find an equivalent number from the 'Contact Us' link at bottom right of this page.


    If it is more than 15 days since you purchased the storage you cannot cancel it for a refund; you can downgrade your plan as from your next renewal date. Please see




    and expand 'Downgrade your storage for the next plan year'.