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I've got a 2nd Gen 2Gb iPod nano.

I automatically sync most of the podcasts I want.

Occassionally I manually drag an extra, different podcast over from iTunes (Windows to the iPod. I can then listen to it.

After listening to it, I reconnect the iPod, and it appears in iTunes. But the extra podcasts don't appear in iTunes. So there's no way I can delete them.

They should be visible in the iPod in iTunes, yes?

How do I delete them?

Thanks for any ideas.


Windows 7
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    I wasn't able to find the solution.

    For anyone else's benefit, what I did was went to the Apple store and spoke to a technician, who didn't know, who raised it with another technician, who didn't know, who escalated it to a senior technician, who had never seen this problem. (They verified that the problem existed.)

    I wiped the iPod completely by using iTunes Restore, and now it works fine.

    He did suggest not to manually drag files to the iPod, but rather create a playlist on the desktop machine, and let iTunes auto sync that.

    Good luck!