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Hello all, I searched the questions and couldn't find much about this.  I've been using the new Logic Pro download about a month, downloaded all the "extra content" I could. My selection of orchestral instruments is disappointingly meager--- other than Baritone and Soprano Sax, I don't have clarinet, no muted trumpets, no plucked strings, no cello--- pretty much no single orchestral instruments. I have conglomerate stuff like Funk Horns, Studio Horns, Hip Hop Strings, etc.   I have a number of upright basses and tons of other stuff but I thought there'd be much more orchestral/big band type color available. Does one have to buy Garritan, or something?


I have the standard Logic library set, plus Jam Pack 1, Jam Pack Remix Tools, Jam Pack Rhythm Section, and Jam Pack Voices. I think they're all installed correctly, see below.


I do see that under Download Additional Content, the Jam Pack Symphony Orch and World Music Content/Instruments, is grayed out... I never saw any blurb nor solicitation offering these things, don't see anything on Apple's page... What must one do to get them--- hoping someone out there can help.


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