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Recently purchased logic studio. Installed the 9.1.8 update and am running Mountain Lion.


For some reason, I am experiencing a "static" crackling sound when using the midi instruments, even when I am not recording. As far as I've noticed, it is not occuring during audio recording or playback. I recorded a quick track with the computer mic, and didn't notice anything, and I dragged a random audio file in to see if it would static as well, but no. A couple of times a warning popped up:


Sample Rate 40575 recognized.

Check conflict between Logic Pro and external device.


This happened first when I tried to record a midi track. Then it happened again when I tried to record an audio track with the midi track. I deleted all of the tracks and did the same thing again, and the warning did not appear those times.


Funning thing is, I don't have any external devices connected. I am still very much a beginner with Logic, but have done several projects with it in the past and have not experienced this problem. I'm not exactly sure what this warning means.


I also double checked to make sure there wasn't any outside interference, I disconnected my computer from my speakers and unplugged my sound system just to make sure my speakers weren't messed up, and it still crackled. I used iTunes to see if it was happening there, no static. I've gone through and made sure I don't have any excess programs running, just logic and preview, still static with midi. It will crackle even if I am NOT RECORDING and just goofing around. When I play the track, it will have the identical crackling experienced while playing.


A little frustrating, as I've been anxiously awaiting this purchase. Please, if you have any thoughts or suggestions, I will check them out.



Logic Studio, Mac OS X (10.7.5), 9.1.8 Logic update