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Recently, we had our iMac brought into Apple for the Seagate HD Replacement Program. After getting it back, we upgraded the OS from Snow Leopard to Mountain Lion. We had also restored the iMac using Time Machine Backup. Everything seemed to be fine and dandy. Until we started working with iPhoto. Some pics were corrupted. We would either get a good pic (where it showed fine), black preview, pixelated (25% of pic resembled puzzle pieces of thumbnails), or iPhoto would crash. We have been working with AppleCare to fix this issue for about 2 weeks now.... playing phone tag and such. We even did the Screen Assist sessions. Here is some of the things that we have done.


**     repaired permissions

**     repaired/rebuild database

**     deleted preferences and files associated to iPhoto

**     creating new libraries ...... problem still persist

**     uninstalling and reinstalling iPhoto


I thought that if we wiped iPhoto clean and started over, it would be ok but unfortunately, that is not the case. Perhaps it's not iPhoto? Hard Drive that was replaced? User permissions? We are completely stumped.


Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

iPhoto '11, iMac running ML and latest iPhoto