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Sorry but my question cuts across all thread categories.


I've been searching the web unsuccessfully getting mostly current quarterly and stock share data and i need approximate aggregate unit data for the USA.


Can anyone tell me how many units  (all models per category):




iPod Touches

Mac desktops

Mac laptops


By approximate # of units and if possible percent of market share Apple has of the above in the market place to date?


Or where I can find such info on the web?


I signed up for a trade school where we have a lot of self study and many of their online presentations are totally unviewable on Apple mobile devices, and partially viewable on desktops and laptops and need to present to the owner of the school and Activate Software who many total Apple users are being ignored and kept from the data we're paying for.


I don't think the presentation output files use Flash. I think it's a proprietary file format.


Can't believe a school wold knowingly ignore Apple users in 2012. Thought those days of non cross compatibility were gone. Especially for a school relying on home online study.


I need your help to convince them this must stop.



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    We're just fellow users here, none of us would have access to the info you're requesting. (Nor is it really a tech support question either which is what this forum is here for)


    Want to let Apple know how you feel about their device set up


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    Steven ~ This chart may help:


    Top 5 Operating Systems in the US



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    Understand your point and don't argue with it. My concern is not directed at Apple however so no feedback comments are appropriate.


    What is appropriate is foe me to go back to my school and Articulate Software and ask how can they exclude Apple users in this day and age?


    The one stat I did find was that iPad owns 50% marketshare or over 100,000,000 units. So how can a school dependent on their home study ignore the fact that iPads are so many in the field and take out tuition knowing many won't be able to do our home work without a PC. And not divulging this when they took my money. Inexcusable.


    I'm also wanting to take on the software developer, Articlulate in NY. I'm not saying their presentation software needs to be ported to Mac, all I'm saying is their output files should be cross-compatible. We Apple users are too prevalent now. This isn't the 90's. Apple stock is alleged to pass $1,000/share next year.


    So as an activist and evangelist I am hoping to get the latest gross unit figures to get my school and Articulate to cater to Apple hardware/OS.


    And hoping others reading this will not take inaccessible software lying down. So while not tech support based, the Forum is called Discussions and I feel compatibility issues so we can use our Macs is a worthy discussion. But humbly apologize for posting here. Didn't know where else to put it.

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    Educational software has always lagged far behind the reality of the market. Software is expensive to develop and educational software usually has a severely contrained budget. Keeping the software up to date with patches and upgrades is almost non-existent after a package is released. My wife is a sixth grade public school teacher and our home computer had to remain on the last version of OS X to support Roestta (an emulator that allowed non-Intel Power PC software to run on an Intel CPU Mac) for quite some time. There were simply no updated software packages available.


    For what it's worth I have been an Apple user since 1982 and have exeprienced this over an over again. Cost wins out over compatibility every time.


    Update: I just visited the Articulate web site and they advertise output can be published in HTML 5, Flash, AND iOS. It may be that whoever is creating the files simply needs to also publish iOS compatible versions.

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    I don't believe Apple releases those figures. A web search will, no doubt, turn up many articles that estimate how many of various devices have sold.

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    @ Grumpy: no offense, but i think You missed my point and request. This isn't a fault or complaint with Apple at all. Its with my school and Articulate Software. And there may be other Apple activists here that would want to know how in some industries we are still being excluded. It's like being in a 90s time warp. But I've not been a student in quite some tim per IKRUPP's helpful input (thank you!).


    After an hour of searching the web, I simply thought someone here might have some stats for me. No one was asking you to be Apple. I was hoping to point out as great as Applemis doing, as far as we've come, there is still exclusion out there.


    Anyway I finally found a decent overview in case any one is interested:



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    I may have posted hastily, and without completely reading and fully understanding what you were saying. For that, I apologize.

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    @GrumpGator: no prob at all. Have a good holiday.