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Hi, I have a MacBook Pro 13"

He have 2 years and half,

When I had bought the Leopard OS, then moved to Snow Leopard and finally the Lion.

Just what I needed to delete all the other day including the Operating System.



And when I do ALT + R to do via online, it only lets me install Snow Lion.

I do not get no option to install Lion.

Except that when I put the Leopard DVD, it gives me an error saying I need to restart, and it always does. I thought if I could install Leopard then did everything through the App Store, that not only can the Leopard.

How do I install Lion? Please help me

(and sorry my english , i use a translate)

MacBook Pro (13-inch Mid 2010)
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    Lion is installed. You need to restart using Command+R which should boot you into the Lion Recovery HD. From there you can reinstall Lion.

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    No, I deleted everything ... everything ... and even when I go to the Command + R, it just makes me even do the Snow Lion.



    Edit: Up , i wrote wronge code, its Command + R , not Alt + R

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    Ok. Since the Recovery HD is gone and I assume you don't have any external clone, back up (Time Machine) or a USB thumb drive with the Recovery HD; then you will need to install Snow Leopard from you DVD. Update it to 10.6.8. You can then log into the App Store with your Apple ID and under Purchases you should see your purchas of Lion with a Download button to the right so you can download and install it.

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    Yup, i think about that, and already tried.
    But when i put the DVD to install....

    it opens ... and is doing the loading ... and after a while the screen stops and gives an error saying that the computer needs to restart in 5 different languages ​​....

    who had already said in the first post.


    And i already tried a few times....

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    I'm not much help with the error you're getting when you boot from your Leopard DVD. Not sure about that. I don't know what else to provide. Hopefully, someone else might be able to chime in and help.