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Gary i Level 5 (6,190 points)

Hi there I have sucessfully set up a VPN connection to my home using the built in VPN of my router and the standard network connection from system prefs of my out an about mac.


I can get onto anything on my network via a web browser for things that support it such as printers and my nas, so I know the connection to an extent is working. I can even print to my printer at home.


However the main thing I want to see is my iMac which does not appear anywhere. Infact none of the 3 macs at home which all have sharing turned on appear via the connection.


Is there some setting I am missing here?

  • alkhater Level 2 (205 points)

    Did you set sharing in you iMac to share this VPN? Go to preference in your iMac/sharing and check the boxes for things you want to share.

  • Topher Kessler Level 6 (9,865 points)

    Sharing services do not broadcast over VPN, so while you can type the IP address of your iMac, unless you are physically on the local network you will not see it automatically show up in the Finder sidebar. An alternative that will work is to use Apple's Back To My Mac service on your various Macs you wish to access remotely, or punch a hole for AFP in your firewall (TCP 548), forward the port to your iMac, and use a dynamic DNS service to link a URL to your router.

  • Gary i Level 5 (6,190 points)

    Well thats a bummer then. It would seem pretty sensible I would want to access my home networked macs over VPN.


    Unfortunately back to my mac is so slow as to be unusable. It works but broadly its pointless. I would not be surprised if my connection to my mac 60 miles away is going via Apples servers in America. Yes I understand this is the way of the web, but still, its too slow.


    I will investigate the AFP punch through. You would have thought this would be a bit more automated apples end though surely?

  • Gary i Level 5 (6,190 points)

    Woudl there be any benefit to using Server for this? Currently the VPN is being managed by the router. But I did purchase Apple Server to make time machine work again so that sat here with a VPN tab. But I am not sure how that is dealt with in regards to the router?

  • Gary i Level 5 (6,190 points)

    Na scrub that it was as clear as mud.


    I give up. It was a good plan, but obviously not simple for mac.

  • keg55 Level 5 (7,634 points)

    I'm using OS X Server (Mountain Lion) and the VPN service. It works nice and it's stable. Since you purchased server, you might want to install it and try it out.

  • Gary i Level 5 (6,190 points)

    Thank you. I have spent the past hour trying to set it up. When I attempt a connect from the portable it cannot connect.


    As it goes my life is probably too short and I found another solution, I used the 'go' menu and connect to server and manually typed in AFP://mymacsip and it worked fine. Not very pretty but I will stick with that.


    My asus router was far far easier to set up for VPN than Apple Server, which is saying something!

  • keg55 Level 5 (7,634 points)

    For Screen Sharing, assuming you have that turned on, you can type vnc://youmacsip to get the screen share. At least this is what I do with OS X Server running the VPN service.