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I just bought a new iPhone 5 last night, and the battery life doesn't seem to last long at all. What can I do to fix this?

iPhone 5
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    Hi - this is a recurring thread so I am not going to re-hash it here - but I will say that if you are used to an older iPhone, you can't compare it to the iPhone 5 - the new phone is so feature intense that there is a tendency to enable everything and use it a lot when you first get it - I did the same thing - between location services and notifications and email and synching and iCloud and photo streaming etc. the phone is constantly updating itself - this will use up the battery even if you think it is on standby - I have watched the percentage go down while I am looking at it - I think this is the new normal - however after gettiing into an average usage pattern for myself, my battery lasts "all day" -  for me this is 12 hours and it goes down to ~75% - I have looked at many posts and this seems to be within "normal" limits - it works for me but other people may not be happy with it - here are some tips from Apple - http://www.apple.com/batteries/iphone.html

    I would also look at some other posts to see how other people are getting along with this issue - check out the "More Like This" box on the right side of this post for instance - this is my take on the subject - I hope it helps.


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