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ever since i upgraded to mountain lion, my macbook pro (17" 2010 intel i7 4GB ram) is really really slow, specially at start up and shut down. any solution?

my hard drive is has about 200 GB free space, and i do regular varification for my drive. i almost regret upgrading to mountain lion :-(

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7)
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    Depending on the software you use (and how many programs you use at once) you may need to add more RAM. Shutdown with 10.8.2 is noticably longer than Lion's shutdown (and even slower than the original release of 10.8). I suggest you reboot your computer and immediately launch Activity Monitor. You want to watch two things: 1) RAM - as you use the computer over the next couple of hours after the reboot are you seeing the Page Out number increasing pretty quickly? That would be an indication that your computer is quickly using up RAM and pushing software and data into Virtual Memory to make room. This could account for the slow computer. 2) CPU - unless you are running some heavy duty software, your CPU usage may spike close to 80-90% for a few seconds but mostly hover in the 20-40% range. If it is higher than that, or if you see a single process using more than 70% constantly you may have a rogue process that is dragging the computer down.

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    thank you very much sir