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My IBooks app freez in the middle of the book I was reading .

I don't know what to do ,I'm over seas at the moment and I'm afraid if i will remove the app and then install it again I will loose all THOES books that I got for my trip .i don't know what to do please help .

iPad 2, iOS 5.1.1
Solved by GrumpyGator on Nov 20, 2012 5:58 AM Solved

I saw 5.1.1 in your profile, that's why I asked. Did you try my suggestions?

Reply by Dina18 on Nov 20, 2012 6:13 AM Helpful

You are great !!!

Thank you so much !!!!

Reply by GrumpyGator on Nov 20, 2012 5:51 AM Helpful

First reboot the iPad by pressing and holding down the home and sleep/wake buttons (power) at the same time until the apple logo appears on the screen, then let go.


If that doesn't work then reset the device by going to settings/general/reset/reset all settings


What are iOS  is running on the ipad?

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