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I just bought my first Mac, a MacBook Pro 13" Mid-2012 and I've been wondering if I'm not damaging it by playing some games on it.

I have smcFanControl installed and before playing, for example World of Warcraft, I set the cooler's RPM to aprox. 5000rpm. Even with the cooler on maximum speed the computer heats up and stays between 70 and 90 degrees celcius the whole time I'm playing almost anything, even fairly light games such as WoW or Heroes of Might and Magic V.
My question is only if this will permanently damage my Mac in the long run and if so which steps could I take to solve this temperature issue.


My MacBook is the entry level model (4GB RAM, i5 2,5-3.2GHz).


Thank you in advance!

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)