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The good news is AC/DC is on iTunes


The bad is that they were not when Apple uploaded my AC/DC songs to the cloud and will retrireve my old 128k files instead of matching the store's nice new 256k files. Is there anyway around this? Its not just AC/DC, as this happens to a few other artists on my library.

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  • Jimzgoldfinch Level 5 (7,690 points)


    Try converting tracks to a different format e.g. Mp3 to AAC or vice versa in iTunes. The delete original version from computer & cloud and run match.


    Alternatively delete original tracks from computer & cloud, then re-import tracks from the original discs but in a different format e.g mp3 instead of AAC or vice versa.



  • Michael Allbritton Level 6 (16,785 points)

    In addition to Jim's suggestion you can try deleting the tracks from iTunes and the cloud, then using the "update iTunes Match" command in the Store menu, then waiting a few days for the cache to clear out on the server. When you're ready, re-import the tracks from the original CDs using a higher bit-rate. I'd suggest ALAC for best results. Keep in mind that the tracks on the iTunes Store have been "mastered for iTunes" so depending on how old your CDs were when you ripped them they may not be a sonic match, so may continue to upload. But using ALAC files for the matching means iTunes will have plenty of data to work with when it runs it's scan.

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    Thanks for the tips guys, I'll give them a shot over the holiday weekend


    Why does this have to be so difficult in the first place?