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    Apple usually doesn't discount their products much if at all. most of what you'll see pertaining to apple products can be things like Best Buy offering you something like 'earbuds, case and screen protector for only $$$ with the purchase of .....', in other words they can't discount apple products so they discount other things to bundle with them


    The phenomenon of black friday will have countless people camping outside retailers as early as thursday afternoon to be 'first in line' when the stores open in the wee hours. The sad thing????? In the past few years they're standing in line to try and snag pathetically understocked 'doorbusters' (things advertised at spectacularly cheap prices with the catch of 'quantities limited'....which can mean a store can have as few as a couple of each item with hundreds of people trying to get them). Also, many of these doorbusters, if you do your research, are discontinued or old products that they've been keeping in warehouses to sell on black friday instead of clearancing them out months ago.

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