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My "pictures" in the movie have text…

I want the pictures slowly scroll over from upside to downside

so that one is able to read the text.

I made this happen before in an other I movie project, but I don't remember HOW!!!!

Who is able to help?

iMac (27-inch Late 2009)
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    What version of iMovie are you using?

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    I would suggest using the Scrolling Credits title. To control how fast they roll, you can drag the right edge of the title to the right to make it longer.


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    Perhaps I'm using an older version:

    IMovie'09 version 8.06 (821)

    I'm happy working on a Snow Leopard 10.6.8 


    thanks so far

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    Thanks AppleMan1958

    I'll try to use your information.

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    AppleMan1958 and Klaus;

    Your information wasn't usefull untill now; I understand what you meant to say. But this isn't the problem.

    Perhaps you can help me anyway:Dia11.jpg

    Here you see one of my dia's (it's an example, the most have a picture and text together)

    perhaps you'll understand the problem now:

    the picture/dia in itself has text.

    When I made the Dutch version I succeeded to make the pictures scroll slowly from the upside untill the downside of the image, so that anyone is able to read the whole text.

    Now I'm preparing to publish the English version but I completely have forgotten HOW to get the pictures/dias scrolling down slowly in the same way.

    In my present movie they fade away or come to me from the centre of the images/pictures and in that way one can't read the text.

    I remember it was really simple to change it…but…I really can't find it back…

    I sincerily hope you will be able (even with a big smile, because I must be a dummy ) to help me!!!!!

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    For this I use Photo to Movie. You can read about what it can do on their website:




    (Other users here use the alternative FotoMagico:  http://www.boinx.com/fotomagico/homevspro/ which you may prefer - I have no experience with it.)


    Neither of these are freeware, but are worth the investment if you are going to do a lot of slide shows. Read about them in detail, then decide which one you feel is best suited to your needs.

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    OK The easy way to do this in iMovie is to use the Ken Burns Effect. YOu can find it in the Middle Toolbar in the Rotate, Crop, Ken Burns Tool. Set the Starting Rectangle and the Ending Rectangle and your photo will pan between them.

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    YES!!!!!!! THAT WAS IT!!!!


    I'm super glad and want to hug you!


    I'll write it down and remember it for ever!