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Every time I try to add a video file to iBooks Author it crashes. I have tried uninstalling and re-installing the software as well using different video formats. It does not seem to matter, the program still crashes. Any suggestions?

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    I have exacly the same problem, and it started when I upgaraded to Author 2.0

    Please help!

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    When it crashed, I pulled up the error menu. There was a file in my Library cache 3rivx or osmething like that. Apple store did not know, they connected me to phone support and that found the problem.

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    to:  rosymond and aspiringauthor...  So, how did you fix the problem?  I called Apple and they couldn't figure out the problem...  Every time I try to add a video to iBook author 2, it totally crashes.  And, all of my previous book usings iBook author 1, the videos that were in the original and have been uploaded to the iBookstore, no longer show video, only audio.  What should I check for... and who in Phone support did you ask for?

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    from Apple:




    from me:


    Using QuickTime, export (from the file menu) your video to the web and use the size you need in your book from the .m4v files that are created.


    hope this helps...

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    I spoke with Joseph. He sent me to a site that allowed him to see my screen. Then, after the crash log appeared, we both went over it. That's when we found the error file that allowed us to locate the problem in my library cache.


    I did everything, including export as .m4v, mp4, mov or any other type. Now, whatever file format I use, iBooks Author automatically optimizes the video.


    Before I fixed the problem, it would optimize my video, but any keynotes or other items in my book would not longer work. Once I removed the corrupted file all was good.


    Hope that helps.