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Hi everyone,


I've just cleaned my iPhone 5's screen for the first time. I used a cloth slightly damped with alcohol. I rubbed it against the screen VERY carefully, I didn’t even press it too hard. Could that damage the oleophobic coating? I've owned the phone for three weeks now.

iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.1
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    Apple says not to use any cleaner with alcohol on an iPhone:




    It's entirely possible that you have damaged the oleophobic coating, no matter how gently you rubbed, but with luck you'll be OK. DO NOT in the future use alcohol, any cleaner with ammonia, or any sort of window cleaner. A microfiber cloth such as used on eyeglasses, slightly dampened with water if necessary, should suffice for almost all cleaning needs.



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    Thanks for the response varjak paw.


    I hope I didn't damage the coating. But another questions rises, other than having more fingerprints on your screen, how can you realize that the coating is wearing off? Does it feel any different? Does it affect touchscreen?

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    I have never had any device where I knew the coating was wearing off, so I can't make any comparison to tell you. It certainly won't affect the operation of the touchscreen; my guess is that fingerprints will just be more prevalent and a bit harder to wipe off.