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After much messing around I have finally achieved the ability to airprint using a DLink DIR-655 router.

In my own search for a solution it became apparent this is bothering a lot of you. So here is my solution.

Basic equipment we were using:

  • iPhone 4s / iPad2 / iPad3 / MacBookPro Retina / Mac mini / Apple TV (the new one - forget its model) / some random android devices / Win 7 PC
  • HP photosmart 5510 (B111a) Firmware ver. EPL2CN1239AR
  • DLink DIR-655 router (ver. B1) Firmware ver. 2.05

Set up HP printer over USB cable as per normal.

Remove USB cable and finalise connection to wireless network as per normal (follow the HP setup).

Log into your router via your browser.

In your router settings:

  • under SETUP / NETWORKSETTINGS / ADD DHCP Reservation (all my other devices are dynamic - this step is not essential but saves you time if you want to use your browser to log into the printer and scan or whatever - you can bookmark the address). Put in the appropriate details. You should be able to see the IP address, mac address, device name for the printer listed in Dynamic DHCP Clients section directly below.
  • Save settings then log back into router.
  • under ADVANCED / FIREWALL SETTINGS / Enable SPI - make sure SPI is disabled.That is to say, the box is not ticked. This is important.
  • under the same menu (ADVANCED / FIREWALL SETTINGS the next options down are NAT ENDPOINT FILTERING. For UDP Endpoint Filtering select "Endpoint Independent". For TCP Endpoint Filtering select "Endpoint Independent".
  • Save settings then log back into router.
  • under ADVANCED / ADVANCED NETWORK / MULTICAST STREAMS - check the box to enable Multicast Streams.
  • Save your settings.


MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    Sorry - my bad - MULTICAST STREAMS should be disabled, not enabled.

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    Hey TeddyEdward, you are the man. This fixed my iPhone 4s, iPad 1 both for AirPrinting (perfectly; to an HP Officejet 8600 n911a) and for AirPlay to our Apple TV!!

    This is probably the best techy thing that's happened in my sad and multimedia developer life for a while! Now I just have to figger out how to justify a 27" TBolt display...


    Thanks so much!!

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    Glad to hear. :)

    On another network using a Dlink router and a HP 6520 I seem to have the iPhone air printing but the iPads not. Crazy...

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    Thank you. I will try this tomorrow when my brain starts working again. I appreciate the information. This isn't the first time I've had an issue with my net work because of problems with my D-Link router. I know it may be out of line, but is there a better router for a network that has MACs and PCs?

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    Hi Noel

    I am currently changing out my entire network.

    I am trying to avoid apple routers for both configurability and price.

    The bonjour issues I had been having really bugged me and lately despite HP replacing my printer, D-Link sending me an unreleased firmware I can print now from iPhones but not iPads.

    This is crazy.

    Using cunning software I was able to see the original HP printer was not broadcasting on bonjour.

    Got the new one, now it is. They were very kind at HP and gave me a free upgrade to a printer worth about 150 more. I have a lot of respect for their customer service.

    However, now I can see it is broadcasting on bonjour as mentioned above I can only print from the iPhones, not the iPads. (?????)

    I am looking into some routers compatible with DD-WRT (a nice firmware created by some people much smarter than I am) http://www.dd-wrt.com/site/index

    At another location with similar devices we have had no trouble getting everything to work including all the bridging etc.

    This still has not resolved my iPad no airprint issue but I intend to check this out at the other location tomorrow.

    Unfortunately the DIR-655 uses a cpu that is not compatible with DD-WRT.

    I am also wanting to integrate one apple airport express to airstream music (I don't like the compression of bluetooth).

    In the next 2 weeks I am going to finalise all of this and will let you know how I go.

    Please keep me posted on any advancements you have too.


    Edit: Oh and by the way, I, like you am using many different OS. I have about 9 iOS and osX devices, several windows PC's, 2 android devices, samsung wireless TV, dvico media player, aTV, gaming devices, HP printer etc etc... Networking used to be something I enjoyed. I have in the past had long range wireless links, linux boxes set up as routers etc but in an effort to simplify have reduced all of this (and the long range wifi link was highly illegal in terms of wattage but meant I had a 6kM link betwween two properties - probably effecting everyone in the ways own wifi ).

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    Thank you so much Teddy... It works also for me !!!

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    Teddy -- a huge thanks... I have the DIR-657 -- similar problem, i.e. even though the HP8500A printer connects to the router -- Airprint will not work. I followed your suggestions except there doesn't appear to be any NAT EndPoint Filtering option in Advanced/FireWall Settings for the 657. I ignored that... did the rest, and both my iphone 4S and my iPad 3 are now printing fine. Again Thanks!

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    Hi Teddy,


    I have been working on this problem for many days, only to find your solution. I have setup all of the devices through the router wioth a static IP address.  I will try your settgins tonight to see if I can get my IPADS to work. This has been frustrating becuase HP could not assist me with the problem, and the IPADS are not seen on the network by the IPADS.  All of the HP 6700 Printer functions work through Windows, and also wirelessly.



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    "Enable multicast streams" must be switched ON in order to use Time Machine on network HDD. At least that's the case in my network.


    But disabling "SPI" helped on network printer connection problems. Thank you TeddyEdward6666!

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    Dear TeddyEdward666,


    although your post is two years old now, I hope you'll read it and probably can help me.

    I have a DLink Dir615 Router and I have no problems printing (HP 6500a) via wlan with my windows PC and also with my mobile phones (iphone and android).

    But I have problems setting up my girlfriends' macbook pro. I used your tipps to configure the router and it seemed to work, but when she reboots the macbook the printer can't be found.


    Do you have aditional hints / tips?


    Kind regards and thank you very much