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I have an iPhone connected to and Exchange server via Mobile Iron.  When I delete e-mail on the iPhone it is also deleted on the Outlook client. 

I have looked everywhere and cannot find where I would change that setting.

Thanx in advance


iPhone 4, iOS 6.0.1
  • Lawrence Finch Level 7 Level 7 (28,880 points)

    You can't change it. That's the way Microsoft designed Exchange to work. It keeps all mail clients in sync.

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    Bummer.  We could do what I want on the Blackberry.



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    It mostly works that way because the email you delete on your iPhone is being deleted on the server as well, while your computer and other devices automatically sinc with the mail server.

    If you want to keep email on your computer but not on your iPhone, I would recommend not deleting it from your iPhone anyway. On your iPhone it won't take up any space  since your mail is hardly being saved on the device but it is just retrieved from the server. Worrying about space? then just set the amount of emails downloaded lower in the settings.



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    The blackberry had an easy setting to do this by choosing 'conflict override by computer' or similar so that exchange folders could be used and email on the mobile phone could be deleted while it remained on the computer for storage and reduced clutter on the mobile. So it is possible and just cannot be done on the iPhone. I have just switched from blackberry to iPhone and It not the only 'business unfriendly' issue I have found.

  • Lawrence Finch Level 7 Level 7 (28,880 points)

    The iPhone follows the worldwide IMAP standard. The Blackberry does not. The Blackberry also has a way to do this, because it does not interface to your email provider directly. instead, the Blackberry server retrieves your email from your email provider, stores it on the Blackberry server, then forwards it to your blackberry. There is no way to do what you ask following email standards.


    If you find the iPhone too "business unfriendly" then return it and get a device that meets your needs. The iPhone is never likely to satisfy you.