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Hey All,


Yesterday my beloved Mac decided to die in the *** after an OSX update, it was running fine before I put in the dreaded update.


I tired everything possible to get the Mac going again to no avail, so ended up having to put in the origional disk (osx 10.5.6), this worked a treat and got the old girl going again, however when I instructed it to use the time machine to restore, it ran for probably about 5hrs then said it couldn't be performed as the time machine was running a different OSX.


Iv tired to restore it going into the desktop, opening time cap and trying to restore from there - I get the same issue.


Also tired to go into the finder, time machine, data, imac_0023dfa.sparse and selected that and got the same issue - OSX


I have no idea what to do next?


Can I update to 10.6.3 without doing all of the inbetween updates (this is what time was running on)


Driving to an apple store, is a 5 day drive or a 6hr flight... so not really an option.


Please help


Thanks in advance for any advice