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Can i upgrade my Powerbook G4 1.33ghz 256MB DDR SDRAM to a newer version? i have already replaced the logicboard. I currently cant go onto any websites because the computer is out dated. any help will be greatly appreciated.

PowerBook, Mac OS X (10.3.x), 256MB 60GB
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    i dont get how updating my ram will help? dont i still need to update from 10.3.9?

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    You can (and probably should) upgrade to Mac OS X 10.4.11 "Tiger".


    256 MB is not very much. More is better. Get all you can.

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    will updating to 10.4 tiger give me acces to the webpages of today or should i go newer? and how much would the upgrade be with lets say 1gb ram upgrade and tiger??

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    You can install up to 2 GB memory in your PowerBook.


    Tiger may be difficult to obtain. Apple no longer sells it, and aftermarket vendors charge a premium.

    jbrewer93 wrote:


    will updating to 10.4 tiger give me acces to the webpages of today or should i go newer?


    "Webpages of today"... not all of them, absolutely not.


    Many websites require newer browsers that unfortunately will not work on your G4.


    If you try to keep up with all the gratuitous nonsense web page designers are so fond of implementing, you will be buying a new computer every year or two. Websites are often designed by programmers with $5000+ workstations, eager to show off their skills to clueless managers that are easily impressed with utterly meaningless animations that accomplish nothing other than to waste resources and bandwidth.


    Get ClickToFlash. This will prevent Flash content from loading in Safari pages, other than what you want to load. Usually these are advertisements that to nothing but bog down your Mac.


    Having considered all that, I would be reluctant to invest any more money in your PowerBook. It's getting to be nearly a decade old... an eternity in computer terms. You'll want a new Mac under the tree this year