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I always keep my ipod plugged into my doc and it plays fine on there and when it comes off the battery life is great. But when its off the doc the click wheel wont work and it goes idle. I tried plugging it into the wall and the pad works fine. It will oddly enough work when it has a cord plugged into the ipod but also unplugged from the all, like it has to have something in the bottom weather it's charging or no. Why wont the buttons work when something isnt plugged into the bottom of it? It's a 4th generation nano, 8g if that helps.

iPod nano
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    I assume the hold switch is not activated?  Have you tried a hard reset of the iPod after pulling it off the dock to see if that does any good? To do this, press and hold both the Select/Center and Menu buttons together long enough for the Apple logo to appear.



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    After I unplug it it doesnt work so I cant reset it like that but I did reset it when I had a plug in the bottom of it and it did no good :/

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    You can work through the remaining five 5 R's of troubleshooting.



    It might also be a good idea to let the iPod's battery fully drain. Then charge it back up and restore it once more in iTunes.


    Otherwise, it's likely a hardware issue with the iPod's clickwheel, meaning you'll need to take or send your iPod in for service either via Apple or a third party repair service. Here is Apple's repair pricing.



    Note that they don't actually repair the device, but exchange it for one of the same generation, model, and capacity.  A third party service will actually replace the damaged part for a little less.  Google "iPod clickwheel repair" and you should get a number of results to work with.