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I just got an iPod and iTunes for the first time.  There is a podcast I have listened to for years and have almost 400 episodes already on my computer.  I subscribed with iTunes and downloaded a couple new episodes, and moved my stored files into that podcast directory.  I made sure all the tags are the same as the new ones iTunes just downloaded, but iTunes doesn't see them.  It only sees the old ones as music files even though they are labeled "podcast."


I thought to get around that by creating a playlist, and it works fine on the computer.  All the episodes are there, both the old ones and the recently downloaded ones.  However, when I sync that playlist to my iPod, only the old files are in it, not the new ones.


What can I do to either make iTunes recognize the old ones as part of the series (as if I'd downloaded them via iTunes) OR get the new ones to appear in the playlist?


Thanks for any help.

iPod classic, Windows 7