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Me and my wife both have iPhones and we would like to send texts to each other via sms not iMessage.  We currently both have iMessage enabled.  I have read all the posts on this topic that I could find and have one last question before I just turn it off...even if I try to send to her number in local format meaning without the + sign and country code the iPhone is still smart enough to figure it out and try to send as iMessage?  I thought only if I try to text to the full international format number that iMessage would pick it up?  Anyways, if this trick won't work either then I'll just have to disable it.  Thanks,



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    If you turn iMessage off in settings, all of your messages will go as regular SMS's. Why do you want to do this? You do realize that iMessage is free & there is a setting to send as a regular SMS if iMessage is unavailable, correct?

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    I realize this and we both use iMessage for other people internationally.  But we do not have data connection 24 hours a day and to each other iMessage is not reliable not even with the option set to send as SMS if necessary.  So I was hoping there was a way to force SMS to her and leave iMessage on for the other people we text to but maybe there is not?  Like I mentioned I tried to put her number in local format thinking that might work but it still tries to send as iMessage...


    Any other options or is off the only way?

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    Turning iMessage off is your only solution.

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    If you both don't have a data connection 24 hours a day, this means you don't have a cellular connection 24 hours a day for calls and SMS is exchanged over the same cellular network as calls. How can you exchange SMS if you don't a cellular connection?

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    Last thing if I may...I notice that if a iMessage is sending and I manually send it as an sms by holding down the speech bubble and choosing send as sms that subsequent texts will also be sent as sms. but is this only a temporary thing I assume it will eventually revert to iMessage again?

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    We have a cellular connection yes but not an internet connection whether via data or wifi 24 hours a day.  So sms will work but imessage will not always work...

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    Great thanks again!

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    That means you are manually turning Cellular Data off.

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    Yes sometimes...

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    If you want to compose the message as a text message, another workaround is to first turn off the iPhone's internet connectivity, ie., cellular data and WiFi.

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    You may need to do this when your recipient is not connected to internet...


    Thanks for the reply! It was really helpful.


    BTW -> Settings -> Messages -> iMessage On/Off

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    Turning iMessage off is NOT only solution


    the best solution is to send it as iMessage (even when you know it will not be delivered) and then PRESS and HOLD the blue bubble with your text and simply choose "Send as Text Message".


    Another option is to go to iMessages settings and remove phone number of your wife from iMessage and use only her email as iMessage contact. Phone number only for sending SMS messages. (Settings > Messages > Send & Receive > see "You can be reached by iMessage at" section

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    That's not the only solution.  I have the same issues.  If you turn iMessage off, the messages will not send at all.  Even though sms, if the imessage is shut off.


    I don't give a rats a$$ if it costs or not.  Imessage is not reliable at all, at least I know a SMS is getting to where it needs to go.  There is NO way to text sms with imessage off.  Even when you do not have wifi connections and sending messages through imessage, it will always state the other person got the message, even if they have no idea that they got a message in the first place.


    So there is no option to click anything to send as sms, because the imessage just sends everything to a email most of the time and always says the message is read, when it never is.  Iphone ***** and I'm seeing it more and more everyday.