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I am looking for a software solution for this business problem. My customer needs to go thru thousands of small photos files, divide them into categories, give them rankings,  comment them. I have the original files on my Mac, I can do the same dividing, ranking, etc. So he can send me his list of comments and categories and me in return. 


Here are the questions: What is the best software for my customer’s PC / Mac (I never know what computer my client has) to allow this exchange? I am working with Bridge because it feeds so well into Photoshop and inDesign. But I believe one cannot buy a stand alone Bridge. And even if, the problem starts already here. When I send a file I worked on in Bridge from my iMac to my MacBook, identical set-ups, only the star-ranking survives the transport. The colour category is gone and the text I put into the meta data as well.


When I send an iPhoto file between iMac and MacBook, the stars are gone, but a comment in the meta data survived. And then there is Aperture which I haven’t tried. All very unsatisfactory.


Thanks for your help



I am on iMac OS 10.7.5 and the Creative Suite 5

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.5.8), + iPhone + iPod