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Hi all!,

I have created one effect for FCPX in Motion, the effect is 10 seconds long (it is with some movements). If i put the effect on a clip that is long more than 10 seconds the movement is slow so no looping in the effect but only the stretch. Is possible to create an effect that does not take in consideration the lenght of clip?



Many Thanks.


Final Cut Pro X, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), 10.0.6
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    You need to use a marker and set it to Build In, Build Out or Project Loop. Check the Help > Final Cut Pro X templates > Template Markers > Template Marker Types for more details about project/template markers. Applying these markers: Make sure no layers are currently selected. Set the playhead on the timeline position they are required. Type "M" or "`" (grave accent, aka tilde key) then type Option-Command-M to set the marker type from the drop down menu in the dialog.

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    Many thanks fox_m!! I've solved!