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I am trying to free up space on my iMac and have noticed, using OmniSweep, that I have videos saved in multiple locations:  iMovie; iDVD; and Disk Utility.  If I delete the iMovie and iDVD, will I still be able at a later date to burn copies of these videos using Disk Utility?  I'm an elementary music teacher and so I usually have 5-6 performances a year that I edit and save on my computer.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8), also have iMovie and iDVD
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    This is really problematic as these programs (especially iMovie) works in a Non Destructive way.


    Meaning - Material that takes up space is just stored in one place - and iMovie, iDVD and so on is relying on it to be there - e.g. in iMovie Project there is NO movie - but just a small text document describing what material is used (video, audio and photos) and where to find them - AND Howto Play it to be the Movie You edited it to be.


    If material is moved or lost - all **** will break lose and this can be anything from Hard to Impossibly to mend.


    So I would invest in a new external Hard Disk (FireWire or Thunderbolt - Not USB/USB2 as they performs badly to me - especially when filling up and if HD-Material is used)


    Then follow this note's I written

    Moving Event's and Project's

    Connection - Either connect one Mac in Target mode to the other via FireWire. Or use an external hard disk !

    (Target-Mode - Start one Mac e.g. laptop - BUT keep T-key down during full up-start - Now a FW-symbol is jumping around the screen and it will work as an external hard disk when connected to the other Mac)

    A. The External Hard Disk - MUST BE - Mac OS Extended (hfs) formatted to work for Video. UNIX/DOS/FAT32/Mac OS Exchange works for most other things but not for Video whatever program is used (iMovie or FinalCut)

    B. Should be a FireWire one as USB/USB2 performs badly to me and especially when filling up

    C. Do never Move or Alter any folder named

    • iMovie Event's - or -

    • iMovie Project's

    on DeskTop/Finder - as this will result in iMovie losing connections to them and repair can be anything from hard to impossibly

    D. Moving and Copying must be done within iMovie application and Events to Events - and - Project's to Project's.

    E. Moving Project's to Event's - Do not work for me - I have to export project as a QuickTime movie then Import this into Events.

    Event's window can show two faces

    Like this

    Skärmavbild 2012-06-22 kl. 23.22.32.png

    or like this

    Skärmavbild 2012-06-22 kl. 23.30.11.png

    from one hard disk Event - You can move it to the other hard disk

    You can not (at least not me) move Event to Project or other way around only

    Event to Event and Project to Project

    Yours Bengt W

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    I actually do have an external hard drive but am not sure if these movie projects are being saved there or not.


    I am sure that the information you outlined would be a huge help, but I am having trouble following it, except for the part about messing things up if you try to delete something!  Maybe I need to figure out how to see if these movies are also saved on the external hard drive.  It is all very confusing to me!  Thank you for your suggestions, though.