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Ok. My mum bought this brand new iphone 5 from a chainstore here in Norway. It has never worked properly. Each night it totally hangs up and is unusable.

The screen gets matrix like and there is a text saying "Panic.we are hanging in here". I have lots of apple products. And i have searched around a bit. I have figured out that this often happens with jailbreaked phones. Well this phone is not. And the store waits for apple to respond. I've tried to call apple and they will not offer any help since the phone is bought in a chainstore and not directly from then. In the meantime my mum has a phone that is unusable and worth 900$.

It kinda ****** me off also that apple does not give any support. I have bought quite an amount of apple products trough the years,and when we finally convinced my mother to switch to apple they give this ****** service. I am not impressed.

-But since they do not answer,maybe anyone of you can help me? I have tried the two options of reseting and also hit the round/top buttons all together.



iPhone 5
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