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    Winclone 3 (not Winclone 2 which is what you are talking about) does indeed create snapshot images of the Boot Camp partition. It is a current commercial product, maintained, updated and supported.  Winclone 2 has not been maintained and should not be expected to work with the newer versions of OSX but it seems to float around the net like a ghost.  There are several articles on imaging and restoring Boot Camp at


    Russell Scheil

    Twocanoes Software, Inc.

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    hi russell.


    thanks very much!


    can you help me a bit more here? i am not very good with "images" and similar terms and i know i have to find some time to read up on them.


    however, can you please point me to a specific url that shows how to install the software?


    also, can you please help me understand what this looks like in a thumbnail version?


    for instance, i have a 1 TB drive with a 200 GB partition that includes Windows 7 Boot Camp and i want to back up the Boot Camp - preferably on my internal 1 TB backup drive on my 1 TB off site external backup drive and on my Time Machine backup.


    can you please tell me if i would install the software in MAC OS, and then partition my internal and external drives to have a 200 GB partition (or do i not need to partition my backup drives?) and/or how i would handle this with Time Machine for a Time Capsule?



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    Hi Hotwheels,

    Winclone 3 is designed to capture an image (or clone) of your Boot Camp partition.  The resulting image is referred to as a snapshot because it contains the entire Windows file system, including applications, data and settings at the time the image is created.  I point this out to distinguish cloning from backing up data, which serves a different purpose.  Using a file-based backup utility like Time Machine or third-party backup utility, files can be backed up incrementally, which is a life saver if you need to restore a particular version of a particular file.  Incremental backups also save time as only changed files are backed up (after an initial full backup).  The combination of periodic imaging with Winclone and daily file-based backup should ensure no data loss occurs and you can get back up and running quickly should disaster strike. 


    Winclone creates a single archive image file that can be stored on any storage media that supports large file sizes (HFS+ or NTFS) and has enough space available.  In a typical scenario one would install Winclone on the OS X partition and create an image of the Boot Camp partition (installed on the same drive as OS X) saved to the OS X file system or external HFS+ storage device.  OS X will not natively be able to write to an NTFS-formatted disk, but once the image has been created, it can be copied, backed up with Time Machine or moved to another disk as needed.


    If something bad happens to your primary drive containng Boot Camp or you decide to upgrade the internal drive (or simply need to resize the Boot Camp partition), Winclone will restore the image to the Boot Camp partition in the exact state it was in when the image was created, so a bootable Windows operating system, applications, files and settings are restored again.


    Please take a look at the help document Migrating a Boot Camp Partition with Winclone for step-by-step instructions.  Although geared towards moving Boot Camp to a new hard drive, the same principles apply to restoring Boot Camp to the same drive.  Please also check out the FAQ and Winclone forum for other tips.  If you don't find what you're looking for, please send an email to

    I apologize for spamming the thread, but I believe this solution addresses the OP's request.  Thanks.


    Russell Scheil

    Twocanoes Software, Inc.

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    thanks a bunch russel.


    great help.


    hopefully on my way to finalizing everything over here.


    it's been a long haul...


    regards and thanks!

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    hi russel.


    are you still on this one?? i am trying to get fully set up here and it has been a bit of a moving target. can i please also ask you this?:


    can i COPY a 200 GB windows 7 boot camp partition from my 1 TB Mac Pro drive to a 200 GB partition on my MBP that will have a 500 GB drive? i spent a lot of time working with virtual machines and i have decided i simply have to increase the size of my mac pro HD and put a boot camp partition in it.


    this would let me focus on doing a full install and full setup on the Mac Pro and just copy this over to the MBP (when i get the new drive) saving me a ton o time.


    is this something for winclone?



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