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i am trying to put the finishing touches on my systems and somehow am getting confused about something.


i have a mac pro with a disk that contains Mac OS Lion, a Virtual Box installation of Windows 7 and a partition of Windows 7 using Boot Camp. the installation of the Win 7 Boot Camp actually was done by someone else as it required writing some data to a dvd or something related to the firmware on my early mac pro.


anyway, i want to get this disk backed up in a way that will let me restore my OS's in the event of corruption. i am currently using Carbon Copy Cloner to create clones to external drives and Time Machine to backup as well.


since i am in the process of switching from Parallels to Virtual Box i was just turned on to Windows 7's Backup and Restore: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows7/products/features/backup-and-restore


so - if i want to get all my OS's backed up can i do this to a /single/ disk? if so, how do i do this?


does the VB installation get backed up as a consequence of simply backing up the drive and the WINDOWS 7 BOOT volume get backed up by /either/ WinClone or Win7 Backup and Restore? i mean, the url above seems to indicate that i can set Windows 7 to backup to an /external/ drive but i guess i need WinClone to ALSO back up the Boot Camp installation so i can restore it, is that right?


if so, do i need to partition the backup drive in some way or can i just drop the WinClone backup /onto/ the Mac OS Lion partition and simply back this up to an external.


ALSO, can i restore this Win 7 Boot Camp installation directly from this external hard drive backup or does this require something more complicated along the lines of the original installation?!


i have a couple of computers and i backup onto multiple drives for security so i would like to keep this as simple as possible...



MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.1), with 64 bit Win7 Parallels