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Hi guys, I have been searching online for a few hours to find the best method of upgrading the memory on my Mac Pro.


There are differing opinions on what is best practice. Many sources claim that memory sticks have to be paired yet I ring Apple Technical Support today and they claim I can actually install the memory sticks in any order including odd numbers.


I currently have 2 x 1GB 800MHz DDR2 FB-DIMM sticks and have 8 slots in total i.e. 6 vacant


I want to install 4 x 4GB sticks and was wondering what the best method would be.


From what I read the best method would be to install 2 x 4GB sticks in slots 1 and 2 respectively on Riser 1 and 2 x 4GB sticks in slot 1 and 2 on Riser 2


This leaves me with 4 vacant slots and 2 x 1GB sticks which I would personally install in slots 3 and 4 on Riser 1


Is this correct?


Thanks in advance

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.8)