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I just updated my Iphone 4S to the IOS6 my dads phone is an Iphone4 and under general settings there is no option to update. How does he go about updating his phone to the IOS5 or the IOS^???? I read on another page you go the Itunes but it wont allow hime to update that way either???? HELP PLEASE!!!!!

iPhone 4S, his phone is not the 4s its a 4
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    If the iPhone 4 did not have iOS 5 then the OTA update option is not there. You will have to connect the iPhone to the computer via USB to conduct the update. After this update, the option to update in Settings OTA will appear.


    Just read a little further, you will need to have iTunes 10.7 to be able to update to iOS 6. Update the iTunes on the computer first.


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    What do you mean iTunes "won't allow" him to update?


    What happens when he tries?