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I would like to archive my 150  trashed photos from multiple events on an external hard drive before I empty the trash in iPhoto 9.4.2 just in case I would ever wanted to retreive one again.  I can't seem to drag them into a folder on my external hard drive.  Please tell me how this can be done.

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
  • Terence Devlin Level 10 Level 10 (135,415 points)

    Get them out of the trash. Make an Album of them. Export the Album.

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    Thanks for the reply. I guess I don't understand what you mean by "get them out of the trash."  I created an empty album but am unable to drag the photos from the trash into the new album.  The photos in the trash are from many multiple events so I dare not simply drag them back onto the events icon again or I would never be able to find them without going through each of my 126 events.  Sorry for being so stupid.

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    You need to drag the images from the Trash to an event, not to an album. You need to get them out of the Trash, before you can make an album, since trashed photos cannot be added to an album. Create a nearly empty event - for example split an event, so that the smaller part just has one image, then select the small event. It will now be your "recent" event. Then drag all photos from the Trash to your recent event in the source list and you can export them from there, or make an album first, just like TD suggested.

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    I created a new event. I cannot drag the trashed photos into the new event or any event.  When I click on trash, the specific events disappear and the only thing showing is the Events icon at the top of the library.  Dragging the photos on top of the events icon just sends them back to the orginal events from which they came.

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    Try one of these two methods:


    1 -  select all of the photos in the trash and flag them (if you don't have others flagged. Move them back to their Events by dragging them onto the Events icon. Create a smarl album with the criteria Photos are flagged.  Then export as TD suggested.


    2 - select all of the photos in the Trash and apply a ranking, one that other photos won't have.  Move back to their events by dragging them onto the Events icon. Create a smart album with the criteria Rating is x.  Then export.



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    That is why I suggested to drag them to the recent events section. You can drag them to the most recently selected project, create a nearly empty projec and select it, before opening the trash. So the pictures will not be mixed with photos you want to keep. Flagging would be easier, but frequently the photos in the Trash refuse to be flagged.