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Anyone else getting a large number of text messages on Sprint Iphone 4S begining with




It started about a month ago for no apparent reason. I get about 5-10 message per day (usually between 12 midnight to 4am). I have searched the web and have called customer service several times and no on seems to know what this is exactly and how to get rid of the problem.


Has anyone had this problem? And most importantly.......has anyone solved this problem.

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.0.1, Sprint
  • chrisfromgastonia Level 5 Level 5

    I have recieved some spam type messages, that some how i caused by subcribing to a site , I called verizon and they did a block for the two that i was recieving, sprint should be able to do the same.

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    Unfortunately that did not work.


    I blocked the number from both the customer service end and from my phone. Messages are coming from a traditional 10 digit telephone number it is coming from 906-7 and apparently they are unable to block a number that is not 10 digits long.

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    It's a service that you (or whoever had your number last if you just got a new number) subscribed to, normally associated with blackberries.


    Contact Sprint.

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    Contacting Sprint is a dead end......i have called at least 6 times...being shuffle back and forth to technical support . I have some reps say that they have never heard of the problem and other say that it is a known problem. Not one person could help me.


    it just started out of the blue.....i have not subscribed to anything, i dont IM, I dont use a 3rd party email application, I didnt get a new phone, i didnt change my phone number.

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    I would call sprint and ask for a supervisor, in customer service. When i spoke to verizon when it happened to mine, i spoke to customer service and they put a block on it and sprint should be able to do the same.!

  • deke_029 Level 1 Level 1

    that did not work either.

    I have had both the customer service tech service put a block to that number. I have blocked the number from my phone and still the messages get through.

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    Not much more you can do but ignore it, besides changing your number then, if sprint isnt getting it blocked like they say they did.

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    i wish i could ignore.....but its kind of difficult to ignore 4-5 text messages at 2 or 4 in the morning

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    Yea, unless thats your only phone, mute it at night.

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    Check out this thread on the Sprint forums -> 9114 text message?


    It gives some good background info on the problem and a few fixes. One of them was to change your email account settings with the provider, the example was a Yahoo! account. Another was to start the email linking process again on sprints side and not finish it, somehow clearing it.

    someone mentioned to change the setting on yahoo.

    1. when you log on to yahoo somewhere (usually upper left corner of screen) it will say "hi your-name-here" and have a down arrow. click on the down arrow

    2. go to "account info"

    3. type your passowrd in again

    4. go down to section "manage apps and website connections"

    5. check the selected area you want removed.


    If none of that works, at least you'll have more info when you talk to Sprint again..

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    thanks for advice!!!


    I just gave it a try.....i am really hoping it works. I have been getting up to 20 texts a day now!!! Most of them after 1 am.