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How do I import a garageband project folder (and its contents) into itunes so I can transfer it to my ipad?


I am a guitar teacher and I want to use garageband for the ipad as a teaching tool for my students.  The goal is for my students and myself to share garageband project files so that both the teacher and the student can have the full project...or even add to it.


Here's what I need help with...


My student has created a song in garageband that has 4 tracks.  They sync their song to itunes so they can see the project folder for that song in the document window for garageband under the "apps" tab in itunes.  They click "save to" and save the project folder to dropbox. 


I want to be able to import the project folder for that song from dropbox into itunes so that I can copy it to my ipad and have full access to my student's song.


I appreciate any help!  Thanks!




iPad 2, iOS 6.0.1
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    hi Pat,


    what you can do is add that folder to garageband directory using ifunbox. here is the step:


    - Open your ifunbox then go to "user Applications" on your left panel, then select garageband folder. You will see a folder as below:-









    copy the folder you like to put into your ipad by copy it into "Documents" folder. and then quit the ifunbox and restart your itunes again and sync your ipad again and check if you can see the folder on your file sharing under apps tab. Wish you good luck.

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    I really appreciate your help, thank you.  I installed ifunbox and followed your directions.  If I use the "copy to pc" feature, it won't let me copy a folder.  However, if I click on the folder and paste it into  the documents folder for garageband, it did work.  When I open itunes, I see the folder in the apps list. 


    I re-synced my ipad but I don't see the song in my song list on the ipad.  So now, I'm a stuck again.  ;-(



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    it wont show in your music directory on ipad. it will show in your garageband apps. once you completed sync, then disconnect from itunes and run your garageband and check if it show on your garageband. I just did that step to my ipad and it's work.