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I upgraded from the iPhone 4S to the 5. I was hoping my son could use the 4s as an iPod through wifi but without any cell service. The 4s will not connect to wifi(it is greyed out). Can you use the wifi if the phone is not connected to cell service?

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.0.1
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    Could you elaborate on how to get the phone to connect to wifi?

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    I had the same question, a little different.  I had an iphone4, not quite elligible for upgrade.  Bought my daughter a 4s, ordered myself a 5.  So i had three phones three plans.  by the time the 5 arrived, the 4 was elligible for upgrade so i upgraded the plan the 4 used to be on with a new, free, 4.  so now 4 phones, three plans.  use the 4 just like an itouch.


    Went to set up the 4 without the plan and was having problems.  would not update to iOS 6.0.1  would not access the app store.  kept bugging me about not being activated (i thought this was Verizon wanting plan activation). 


    Thank you roaminggnome for your answer.  While terse, it was the solution to almost all my questions....

         wifi works great

         app store works normal

         apps work normal

         syncs with iTunes and iCloud fine

         i suppose the phone can still make 911 calls


    I still have one question:  How can you get a phone set up like this to use iMessage?

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    I think you have to use imessaging with wifi & email...until you have an active number on the old phone!