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Hi there,


I have Apple TV 3 and iPhone 4S. When i Stream with iPhone ( Music or Games) Apple TV stuck.

So i had to restart Apple TV and it worked again. But on my phone the Wifi Button got Grey. This was happening for the 3rd time

Today. I tried hard reset on phone. Made all new in itunes. Network settings reset. Nothing works. Both apple tv and phone running newest software. Phone on 6.0.1. last 2 times i had to wait for the next day and then i could use WiFi again after new install. Hope so for tomorrow. But i will bring it to my provider. The bad thing we still do not have an apple store here...;-( i installed ios 6.0.1 6 times this evenning but now i am realy angry. MayB some1 can help me.

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.0.1