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I'm finding it quite complicating on how to create and export EPUB files from pages so I can use these to send to iBooks on the iBook store.


Can someone please tell me in the simplest term, how to create and export an EPUB file in pages please???


Thank you!

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    Here is how I understand how it is suppose to work.  Let us assume you have a book ready to be published and let us assume this book sits in your documents folder.  Ok the first thing that we're suppose to do is use iBooks author because first we have to create a file with the extension name of iba.  So open iBooks author.  Now I'm assuming you have an iTunes connect account, if you don't you're definitely going to need one.  Ok in iBooks author there are a number of tabs or dialogue boxes or whatever apple is calling them these days.  In these various sections, we're suppose to put in things like who wrote the book, which section we want the book to go into on the iTunes store, we're suppose to upload some form of cover art which is impossible for people who are totally blind like me and I think we're suppose to put in a short description of the book.  Now only if we do everything correctly and assuming you're not totally blind like me, because voice over won't read all the boxes and tabs correctly will an iba file appear in the documents folder which is where you're suppose to save the newly created file.  Assuming the first program was used correctly, now we're suppose to open iTunes producer.  Again, there are dialogue boxes and tabs here as well and voice over will read virtually none of these as iTunes producer seems to be very graphical.  In these  boxes, we again have to put in things like the title of the book, insert that iba file we previously created using the iBooks author program,  insure the description fields author fields and section fields are correct and then and only then can we attempt to deliver the book into the iTunes store.  Note, delivery will not work unless absolutely everything else is correct and as I say, the only way for any totally blind people to do this at present is to go to our nearest apple store, because Australian telephone support is terrible.  And my nearest store is over 60 km away.  A few tips.  Insure you put the book in the right section, take a good look at the iBooks store.  If the book is adults only insure you put it in that section as apple and rightly so reserves the rites to approve all published content.  My understanding is if you want to actually sell the book, you have to have to have a paid iTunes connect account and not a free one.

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    Thanks for you pr response. Much obliged.


    Now, could you tell me how long it will take for my book to go live on the iTunes iBooks store? On iTunes connect it has a little red dot saying not on 50 stores.


    How long does it take until it goes live?



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    AshleyfromJupiter wrote:


    Can someone please tell me in the simplest term, how to create and export an EPUB file in pages please???



    After you have done your writing, you do File > Export > epub.   Is that not working for some reason?