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Hi there, recently my brothers computer drive failed so I offered to fix it up. He didn't have things backed up but I was able to get his data safely off onto a external drive. I reinstalled mountain lion, updated everything and started transferring all his data over. However I am having trouble with mail. I copied and replaced the files in library/mail and library/application support/mail. However I can't seem to get the addresses working. @mac & @me. I tried deleting the accounts and readding them within mail which I would have thought would automatically configure the servers but no luck. He gave me his password so I know I'm doing that right.  The incoming server has no info and I done know how I can edit that. Any thoughts on this problem. Thanks

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    Snow leopard does not support iCloud services so you will need to enter the account manually (it will work, it just won't auto-setup)


    Use these settings


    iCloud Imap Settings


    And here is how to get into 'Manual' setup mode.


    mail setup snow leopard short.png

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       Well I dont need the @me account. Its there old @mac account I'd like to set up for them.  Not sure if mail services still exist with @mac account but the account it self does work for stuff like Messages where I singed them in so we can still do scrren and video sharing as well as it is an apple ID it does still work to so I don't know why I can't get it to work for mail. I even tried sending a message rom my email address to there @mac address and it was rejected. Any thoughts

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    If you have a current @mac address use it but FYI this@mac, this@me and this@icloud are the same account, go to the same inbox and use the same server.