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Hi there,

I was developing a site for my client featuring javascript animation as they requested and on iOS5 it looked great, better than a desktop even using the native scrolling, but I thought I'd better update to iOS6 to check it out. The result is terrible. Not just for my site but for many, many others. Sites that were previously slick and smooth are now choppy and sluggish, like a 10 year old PC! Safari seems to have suffered teriribly...


From some research I see that HD acceleration has changed dramatically under iOS6 and I've tried solutions recommended on various sites with mixed results. Nothing returns it to iOS5 fluidity though, flickers and stutters all over the place.

My question is - will this be addressed and if not what is the reasoning behind the change? I can understand if the reasoning is to improve battery-life on an iPhone but the surfing experience on my iPad has been seriously degraded as a result.

Or is there an agenda to reduce animation on the web in general?


Also, is there a way to re-install iOS5 (I want Google Maps and youTube and sounds on some games back as well!)


(PS I'm using an iPad 3 but it isn't in the list below)

iPad 2, iOS 6.0.1