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Hi All I was wondering if any one could help with an issue that is not critical but is bugging me and slowing me down


When I start Up ARD and select a room the MAC Clients are sat at ‘Authenticating’ this takes about 5 to 10 minutes to complete a room of 20 clients, at that point I’m able to run task, queries or deploy software till I’m blue in the face.


As you can imagine this delay makes it very hard to schedule tasks.


The Setup:

OS X Server 10.6.8 on Vlan 22 running 3.5.1 ARD

OS X Clients 10.6.8 on Vlan 11 running 3.5.1 ARD (clients are set not to sleep just turn off monitor)


OS X Server is bound to our AD (DC01)

OS X Clients are bound to both OD and AD


With my limited knowledge I think the issues is DNS related (but not ruling out I’m wrong) as the OS X server can ping any of the client IPs but not names it can not even resolve the name of DC01 unless the FQDN is stated (DC01.College.Local), I have confirmed that the Clients are listed on the windows DNS server also I have looked at the DNS settings on the OS X Server and the OS X Clients they are set the following way:


OS X Server: DNS Service is off and the Network configuration is set to use the Windows DNS on DC01.

OS X Clients: Network configuration is set to use the Windows DNS on DC01.


Anyone have any idea why I have such a delay when first connecting ???


Thanks Simon

Apple Remote Desktop, Mac OS X (10.6.7), ARD is install on X server
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    How many clients do you have in ARD in total?


    Have you considered leaving ARD running on your computer? That way, when you need it, all you have to do is un-mimize ARD without the wait time.


    On average, how many of the  20 clients take more then 1-2 minutes to get past 'Authenticating' ? I ask because if it's just one or two computers, You could try deleting the IP address in the computer record to force ARD to reconnect to a client.


    When a client is displaying Authenticating can you still connect to it?

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    Hi Sorry I had forgotten I posted this, so thanks for the update


    We have approx 120 clients, Currentl ARD is running on the XServer


    Out of the 20 to take more then 1-2 mins i would say 18


    When clients is displaying Authenticating yes I can remote view, but I cannot process any install. copies or other also the connection process seems a lilttle longer then normal.



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    I am having the same issues. The status of my machines is rarely accurate. Often times the machine appears Offline and I am able to observe without issues.


    Sometimes just Quitting the application and opening it back up helps but not always.


    I have started investingating whether it might be a flaky ARD install or just a DNS issue on my server.


    If anyone has insight please share.



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    UPDATE:  Note sure if this will help anyone but it has helped us.


    Since posting this we have upgraded the workstations/server OS we are now running Lion & MLion and for a while it was running fine then about 1 month ago it started dropping connections, I have since had all the MAC workstations changed from dynamic to static IPs and this seem to be helping.


    In our situation this is manageable and at some point I will set the IPs by station setup scripts in deploy studio.