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I have just repaired my iPhoto library in iPhoto 9.4.2 because of some problems with my library. 320 photos were added to my library. I presume that most of these are photos that I actually had deleted before because I didn't like them. Obviously these files physically haven't beend deleted from my hard drive and thus have been added to my library again.


Is there a way to find out which photos have been added to my library through the process of repairing my library? Thus I could have a look at a list of these pictures and throw away the ones I really don't want.


My library contains 11k photos. Specialty: It is stored directly on a Synology NAS.


Thanks for your hints.

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    No. But you have a bigger problem.


    It is stored directly on a Synology NAS.


    iPhoto needs to have the Library sitting on disk formatted Mac OS Extended (Journaled). Users with the Library sitting on disks otherwise formatted regularly report issues including, but not limited to, importing, saving edits, sharing the photos and deleting. As long as you have the library on an inappropriately formatted disk you will have issues.

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    Thanks for this very fast and helpful reply. So I made the switch to my local harddrive, rebuilt my iPhoto library with the iPhoto Library Manager from Fat Cat Software (great tool) and I'm backing up to my Synology NAS via TimeMachine. Hope everything will work fine now.


    As TimeMachine is saving sparse-bundles (disk images with HFS+ inside) there should be no more problems because of the filesystem. Is that true? Anyone having experience with iPhoto libraries backed up on Synology NAS?

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    Problems only arise when the library is written to.