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Following scenario;


I use iMessage for my Gtalk on my iMac and my MBP normal it should be sync the conversation btw both sides, but this is somehow not happened, with adium or pidgin it was never a problem, someone any idea how to fix that?


thx in advance.

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    Check System Preferences:

    - iCloud is activated on both machines, you are logged in with the same ID.

    Preferences in Messages app:

    - There is an account with the Apple ID, and it is enabled.

    - Under "You can be reached for messages at:" is at least the Apple ID and it is checked.

    - Equivalent for Gtalk.

    - Under General tab, "Default IM app", it's Messages.app.

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    Thanks for your reply, I've check all was you have suggested but it dosent work, a side note for facebook chat it sync fine. o_O

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    Check your firewall (router?) if all ports required are open: http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1629

    Obviously, anything iChat matters most right now.

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    The app is called Messages.


    iMessages is what the iMessage account can do to other Apple ID and iPhone numbers.


    The GoogleTalk or jabber account is nothing to do with iMessages.


    In iChat 4 and 5 (I can not check 3 at the moment where Jabber was added) the iChat app had the same Priority as the Web Login to Google had.


    This means the Server at Google could not decide which login should get the IMs.

    It would tend to default to the Last login.


    The Messages app lets you set the priority for the App

    Lower numbers are "better" in that they get the messages first.

    You can then set up different priorities for your home computer, work computer and phone so that one will override the other so that you are never out of contact.


    I would check the priorities used in Pidgin, Adium and Messages on both computers.





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